How to make a slow-motion video for TikTok on Android

So many people make TikTok videos, and many TikTok videos are made in slow motion, which looks better than ordinary videos. So to make slow motion video, people use different methods, such as some use a professional camera and then edit it, or some people use an iPhone to make a slow motion, but on Android, it is difficult to make a video in the camera. , So in this tutorial, I will provide you with the best way to make slow-motion videos for TikTok with the help of Android.

Why to make Slow-motion Video?

How to make a slow-motion video for TikTok on Android

Nowadays, slow motion video has become a trend, and many great Tiktokers are making amazing slow-motion videos. As we all know, there are many slow-motion and reverse-playing songs. On this song, many Tiktokers are making amazing slow-motion TikTok videos. Slow-motion takes the video to another level, automatically making the video better and more attractive.

Slow-Motion Video In IOS

As we all know, IOS already has the function of making slow-motion videos on its devices. We all know that Apple introduced the slow-motion function from the beginning. Compared with Android, iPhone can make more amazing slow-motion videos. Nowadays, many mobile phone companies have added the slow-motion video function to their devices, but many old mobile phones do not have it, so today, I will teach you a simple way to make slow-motion videos on Douyin on Android.

Do I need Good Device for Slow-Motion Video?

No, you don’t need to have expensive and high-quality equipment to make slow-motion videos, you can do it easily with a normal phone, and you can make very high-quality videos with your phone.

How to make a slow-motion video for TikTok on Android

Therefore, to make slow-motion videos for TikTok on Android, you must use a video editor app. I recommend you to use CapCut, which is the best video editor app for TikTok, and TikTok itself promotes CapCut, which provides Many amazing features to enhance your video. You can upload the edited video directly to TikTok via CapCut. First, download CapCut from the Play Store, then open the app, then import the video you want to make in slow motion, then edit the video, such as adding some filters and effects and adjusting the color of the video and afterward. Edit the entire part of the video, click the video layer, and then click the speed option, then you will see the option to adjust the video speed, and now you can edit the video speed as you need.

If you want to remove the background from the video, you can easily do it with the help of CapCut. Just click the video layer, and then click the “Remove Background” option. It will automatically remove the background from your video without any problem.

CapCut for IOS

If you are an IOS user, you can download Cap cut from the App Store, and then you can edit slow-motion videos on your iPhone or iPad. There are many functions to help you edit and enhance the video.


Therefore, in this article, I provide the best way to make a slow-motion video for TikTok on Android, and I believe that if you follow all the steps I provided, you will make an amazing slow-motion video for TikTok, if Your friends don’t know how to make slow-motion videos, then help them by sharing this article. Thank you soo much for visiting VIVAVIDEOMOD.

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