Homescapes – Six Wonderful Ways to Make More Coins

Homescapes is exciting gameplay that allows you to upgrade your childhood home in a matter of minutes. Get the best things in the market, and buy them for the house if you need more money to upgrade your home. Do it with a large amount of currency and with an excellent effort. But, keep in mind that your progress will play a vital role in earning game coins. So, let’s talk about the use of money in Homescapes.

1. Buy market goods.

2. Strengthen or boost your items.

3. Find some home decor items.

4. Spend your coins to buy more learning to play.   

In this article, we’ve outlined some tips and tricks for getting multiple coins with hundred of lives. Be aware of hurdles and analyze game tricks to score more. Levels are harder to pass, but you need to be patient. Next, let’s Discuss the six best ways to make more money in this amazing game.

1. Complete Three Level Match With Few Moves

The best way to get coins is to go through 3 steps. There are 50 coins in each match, and after three stages, you will get 150 coins. If you finish the stage with extra Coins and turns, these turns will give you options in the final round. So play more effectively and get your rewards as soon as possible. These bone coins will help you remove the tiles quickly.

You can get a small bonus after playing the game. I’ve played this game and got 77 extra turns that turned into power-ups. But, now you only need to get 66 coins to be proud of your strengths. There are several stages in each match, and you will receive good prizes with 50 coins. You finish level 76 with some extra twists that turn into real game coins. If you complete the final step on the 50 coins guaranteed above, you will get 66 Extra coins as a reward.

2. Play games daily

3. The second thing you should know is how to get more coins at Homescapes daily. Homescapes has a spinner that you can spin to get more coins daily. A calendar makes a spinner’s record, and these daily rewards give you unlimited lives, Coins, and promotions. Although it depends entirely on luck, you will have a new chance to win every day. Just be regular and play the game daily. 

3. Complete the Game Day/Play Daily

Homescapes consist of a sequence of steps, and you should complete them as they are. When you finish the first step, Austin will ask you, do you start a new session? After completing all levels, Austin will ask you again to end today’s session. Interestingly, after completing each day, you will receive daily rewards. These rewards turn into coin boosters or coins. You can earn more coins by playing the game regularly. It doesn’t matter if you get money or not. Just play the game and finish it efficiently. You will automatically receive coins at the end of the day.

4. Watch more videos

Homescapes do contain video ads, and you can earn more money by watching more videos. If you watch one video a day, you will get 100 cents per video. It is the way to get more coins in one click. just have to wait for some time to watch the video and you will earn more coins from this amazing idea.

5. Buy Coins in a Single Click

Homescapes offers free coins to buy products and groceries from the market. But, in some rare cases, if you do not have Coins, you can buy more coins from the store. Just click the plus button next to your Coins. Sometimes there will be promotional messages on the right side of the screen. It will give you a 90% discount on coins.

6. Use of stars

The most useable trick to get more coins or money is to use stars. If you want to use the stars, you have to get things done. When the game starts, the starting amount is low. But, when you complete your tasks, it gradually increases. Some of the work is related to the restoration of the statue. If you complete it, you will get 50 coins. These rewards are displayed on the right side of the chat section. If you find it, click on it and open it.


So in this article, I have provided Six Wonderful Ways to Make More Coins in Homescapes and I hope you guys will love these tricks, if you love these amazing ways to make money in Homescape then make sure to share this article with your friends and families so they can also earn more money in this amazing game.

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