5 Best Plugins For WordPress That You Need

Hello, guys. Welcome to VIVAVIDEOMOD, so here in this article, I will be providing you the 5 Best Plugins for WordPress, which will help in many factors like speed, security, SEO, and many more. All these plugins are free, and all of this will help you a lot. So before going to the main topic, let’s find what WordPress is.

What is WordPress?

5 Best Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is an open-source software used to create your website or blog and publish it on the Internet. It is also called Content Management System (CMS). You can share your unique thoughts or comments on specific topics on WordPress. After installing WordPress with your domain name, you can start writing blogs, articles, or building your website.

You can use many themes and plugins on WordPress. Using themes will make your website attractive to the audience. On the other hand, plugins are available. Plugins extend and extend the functionality of the WordPress site. By using the plugin on your WordPress site, it will help you in many ways, such as improving SEO, creating automatic or manual backups of your website, automatically compressing your images/videos, improving end-user browser caching, and simple settings Page-level redirects, design, expand and develop your website, and more.

5 Best Plugins For WordPress

Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the best WordPress plugins. Rank Math is a modern SEO tool that helps you develop your website to rank high in search results. If you’re writing a post, blog, or article and adding a math ranking, it will help you improve your SEO. SEO plays a key role in WordPress. If your SEO is done right, your content will be shown to your audience. Low SEO will not show your content in the “Viewer” tab. Another thing Rank Math does after SEO is checking for content readability, title readability, and other content (such as keywords, internal and external links, images/videos, etc.).

If you have a WordPress site, then I will highly recommend you to add the Rank Math plugin and make your SEO better and better, which will help your content to rise on the Internet.

Easy Table of Content

Another WordPress plugin is an easy table of contents. In this plugin, the table of contents will be automatically displayed on your blog or article based on the content. For example, you wrote an article on a specific topic and explained many other points in more detail. Easy Table of Contents actually creates a table of contents that contains points arranged in numerical order. If necessary, this directory will appear in the correct location of your blog or article.

This will make it easier for your audience to understand the main points of the article or blog explained below. Therefore, you can add this plugin to your WordPress site to make it easier and more convenient for viewers to read.


Another best WordPress plugin is Jetpack. So what is a jetpack? A jetpack is a tool for designing, protecting, and developing your website. With Jetpack, you can completely modify your site with themes, image/video tools, and rich content. Likewise, you can increase traffic through automatic social media sharing, related content, and faster loading times. In addition, you can obtain higher security and a more powerful site through a secure login and use Jetpack plugins to prevent brute force attacks.

Most WordPress users use Jetpack. Jetpack is a free plugin that you can easily obtain and install on your WordPress. You can still get a premium Jetpack through purchase. If you haven’t already, I suggest you install Jetpack on WordPress.

Insert Headers and Footers

Similarly, Insert Header and Footer is a plugin that allows you to insert code such as Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook pixel, etc., into the header and footer of your WordPress site. You will not have to edit your theme. The main function of inserting header and footer plugins provides a place to add scripts instead of dealing with other different plugins.

Unlist Posts and Pages

In 5 Best Plugins For WordPress Article, the last WordPress plugin is Unlist post & Pages. If you want to write posts that are only visible to specific people and not to the public, you should use the Unlist Post & Pages plugin. After using this plugin, your posts will only be visible to people who have the link to the post; otherwise, unauthorized people will not be able to view your post. Only people who have access to your website or who have the link to the post can see the post. Help make the post a secret to others. If you don’t want your posts to be visible to anyone other than specific people, you should use this plugin.


So I have provided you the 5 Best Plugins For WordPress, which will help you to make your website better. If you like this article, then make sure to share it with your friends and help them to know the 5 Best Plugins For WordPress. Thank you so much for reading our article.

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